Heinz Beans Monster Creative Ad

We love creativity.

This clever spoof ad for Heinz Beans was created purely to show the capability of the graphics company that produced it. (view here) We believe this ad should have been commissioned. Imagine this advert at a Superbowl or X Factor final. Or perhaps after the 9pm watershed on terrestrial television.

It’s not just children that want to see amusing ads, I believe there is a distinct lack of ‘adult humour’ ads after 9pm. I would have loved to have seen Heinz brave enough to have gone ahead and commissioned this. Yes, it may have been taken off air after a few complaints, as there always is with this type of advert. But imagine the viral approach and everyone talking about it. Now that’s brand awareness.

We can’t get enough of this ad, every time we view it we end up crying. Forget Meerkats and He-Man, this is an ad!!

Drop us an email let us know what you think. Here is an example of a great print ad too.